Right Cons offers multiple courses to the students. All the courses are professional courses, which helps in the development of the candidates in various ways.

Full-time TEFL program in India

TEFL Course India - TEFL means Teaching English as a Foreign Language and a certification this is the major qualification required by learning institutions to Teach India. Upon completion you will have the credentials required to work or Teach English Abroad as a teacher in non-native English speaking countries. Upon completion of your Certification you will be well on your way to experiencing foreign cultures, languages and embarking upon your new career as an English teacher teaching abroad or home. The current demand for Teach Abroad teachers is huge and with our certificate you too can experience the world with new and interesting opportunities arising daily in almost every country. No previous teaching experience or specialist qualifications are required. The only requirement is fluency in English.

Online Program* In India

TESOL/TEFL* is an international teachers training course and a core product of Right Cons . American TESOL* Institute which is the parent company of Right Cons Training is a premier globally recognized TEFL* Institute. As the demand of second language English teachers is increasing everyday so is the demand of TEFL* or TESOL* Certificates. These are mandatory certificates required to teach English as second language in various parts of the world. It is a vocational course, which helps teachers in getting the best ESL* jobs in the market. The online and distance course has two more options, Diploma and Advanced Diploma. The TEFL* Diploma Course* of 160 hours and Advanced Diploma Course* of 220 hours are offered to the candidates in online* and distance mode.

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